Our Story

The Story of New Harvest


Our Story, Vision and Goal

New Harvest Christian Fellowship International has grown from a single church in 1975, to become a Fellowship of churches as a result of church planting. In 1988 we made numerous and positive changes in the way we were doing ministry, resulting in growth and ministry expansion in several areas. We believe that God’s desire is that people would experience transformation in their lives, by the power of His Holy Spirit at work in them.

Because of the growth we demolished the existing outdated facility and rebuilt a new 1,500 seat worship center, licensed preschool and a K-12 Christian School. We refocused outreach tactics and developed new ministries in order to reach our younger generations. Because this task was undertaken 14 years ago, today we are seeing and experiencing a move of God in this next generation resulting with new leaders and preachers being developed.

One of those new strategies was the starting of our Ignite Church, which reaches the 20 something age group, along with our Breakroom (Junior High). The heartbeat of Ignite and Breakroom is focused on giving them confidence to succeed in life as well as the Biblical foundation to help strengthen their relationship with Christ. Ignite has expanded from one location at our Norwalk campus, to three others in California and one in Chicago, Illinois, with more on the way.

In order to meet the needs of a hurting world, we are constantly looking for ways to better serve our neighbors and communities. We do this by not only focusing our energies within the confines of our church campuses, but are always looking outward. In spite of cultural, political and social changes, we will continually strive to maintain and hold to the integrity, moral excellence and Christian values, which are based upon God’s word.

All of our church ministries and non-faith based programs are not only designed to reach and improve the quality of life of those in our cities, but more importantly to allow the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bring about a spiritual change in the hearts and lifestyles of all people. We invite you to join us as we continue to grow and reach even more people both locally and globally to share in Jesus’ love and ministry.