What We Offer

What We Offer


Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery provides help to prevent the use of Alcohol and Chemical Dependency, Eating Disorders, Sexual/Physical/Emotional Abuse, Sexual Addictions, Provides Anger Management, and much more. Using a successful 12-step program and 8 recovery principals, men and women find freedom from addictive, compulsive and dysfunctional behaviors!

Teen Turn Around

Teen Turn around is a recovery program designed specifically for teenagers struggling through chemical dependency and other related problems. It is unique because it addresses the teenager's problems not as addictions, but rather as pain. The Teen Turn Around program will help you inspire excellent standards and build uncompromising character in teens. Proven curriculum and trained counselors bring relief to teens living a life of destruction.

New Harvest School

(NHCS) is a full-service school, (grades K-12), that excels in encouragement and self-esteem. The heart behind the school's principle of "You Can Do It" has prompted many students to achieve educational advancements. Students once deemed as "hopeless cases", now have a desire within them for higher education. Much attention is placed on increasing each student's level of self-esteem. Students at NHCS are praised and encouraged often. As a result, students usually improve noticably within the first four months and dramatically by the first year. Due to high levels of enrollment there may be a waiting list, so the school also provides an extended home study program parents can utilize as they wait for an opening.

Preschool & Day Care

New Harvest Christian Pre-School is a state licensed childcare facility for ages (2-5) that provides protection, healthy development, and educational readiness. Each child and parent's needs, skills and interests are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that their needs are being sufficiently met. The staff is dedicated to helping parents equip their children with the tools they need to reach full potential.

Men's Transitional Home

New Harvest Men's home serves men struggling with life controlling problems. Through a 6-month live-in environment, under 24-hour supervision, men and women have gone on to live productive lives!


Family Outreach and Community Interviention Services is an extension of New Harvest. Through F.O.C.I.S., we are able to reach people in need, including hurting men & women, "At Risk" youth, dysfunctional families, prison immates, the hungry, and the needy. For more information, check out: www.focisweb.com

The Parent Project

Our kids face unprecedented pressures and problems. No wonder so many of them
have givin up resisting societies ills and started reflecting them. While this may explain their difficult, defiant or destructive behavior, it dosn't excuse it. Parents need to learn effective prevention and intervention techniques in order to help their children swim against the tide and grow into safe and competent adults.